Benefits of Buying a Patio Awning in Northern Utah

Utah homeowners are going green nowadays as more residents prioritize energy efficiency.

Adding a patio awning is a great way to go green as it lowers your energy costs while adding value to your property.

You can now design a patio awning that suits your taste. Metal awnings are an excellent choice for outdoor events.

A good quality patio awning can withstand the wind and heavy snowfall, which is a natural occurrence in Utah. 

Retractable awnings give you coverage when you need it. 

Pergolas provide shade while adding beauty and sophistication. Adding flowers, vines, candles, hanging lights, or lanterns can provide a custom look with endless possibilities.

Carports are a type of patio awning that is built to cover cars, boats, and RVs. They can give protection from the sun, rain, and snow. You get more ventilation compared to a garage, and they are more affordable to install. You can attach a carport to a wall or choose one that can stand alone.

Lower Energy Costs

A patio awning can reduce air conditioning bills by 25% based on the report of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.

Buying an awning in Utah is an excellent investment; your home gets cooler as an awning deflects heat from the rays of the sun. 

Energy savings are lowered further now that you spend less time indoors and more time in your patio. Lights and airconditioning use are now minimal compared to before.

Utah summers can be scorching, a properly installed patio awning can reduce the amount of heat in your home or business by 77%.

If you live in a typical Northern Utah building, energy loss is highest because of glass doors and windows. Awnings can lower heat gain by 55% to 77%, depending on where your window is facing.

Increase Home Value

No need to go through expensive and lengthy renovations any longer. 

Installing a custom patio awning is a great way to enhance the look of your home. If you have plans of selling your property in the future, a patio cover adds value to your home.

Prospective buyers would appreciate the heat reduction provided by your patio awning as they enjoy your outdoor area for bbq or any other event. They can host parties or give the children camping time without worrying about the rain.

You can take it to the next level by adding an outdoor home theater on your patio. 

Make the most out of your outdoor space while matching the look and feel of your home.

More Space to Enjoy Nature

Every homeowner wants to increase the space in their home. Patio awnings allow you to have more space for work or play. You can now enjoy sleeping in your backyard during cold summer nights.

By extending your living space outdoors, you get a shaded and comfortable area that you and your family can enjoy.

A great way to bond with family and enjoy a piece of nature while in the comfort of your own home.

Easy Removal and Storage

You can choose a fixed structure or a retractable patio awning for convenience and storage efficiency.

Retractable patio awnings allow any outdoor residential or business space to be enjoyed the whole year-round. They can be used during the summer months and stored away when they are not needed. 

An awning is an ideal way to protect your patio from the rain or the sun when you need it.

Storage is easy as you protect your awning from the harsh Utah winter.

Automatic awnings give more comfort by allowing home and business owners to retract their own by just touching a button. Manual awnings are also available if you don’t have an electric outlet nearby. A hand crank can easily open and close your patio awning manually.

Protect Home Furniture

A patio awning can reduce the heat damage on your carpeting, upholstery, and drapes by filtering the harmful rays of the sun.

You also get added protection from water damage to your decks, balcony, and patio surfaces.

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Expert Installers of Patio Awnings in Northern Utah

Utah residents enjoy the fantastic sunshine and outdoor activities that accompany the spring and summer days.

When the temperature in your backyard starts to soar to unbearable heights, you need a patio awning supplier that can give you the best patio awnings available today.

Patio awnings are structures designed to give shade over your patio. The majority of patio awnings are connected to your home, or they can be stand-alone structures as well.

Awnings are an excellent addition to your space. They will look cool and stay cool.

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