Utah homeowners are going green nowadays as more residents prioritize energy efficiency.

Adding a patio awning is a great way to go green as it lowers your energy costs while adding value to your property.

You can now design a patio awning that suits your taste. Metal awnings are an excellent choice for outdoor events.

A good quality patio awning can withstand the wind and heavy snowfall, which is a natural occurrence in Utah. 

Retractable awnings give you coverage when you need it. 

Pergolas provide shade while adding beauty and sophistication. Adding flowers, vines, candles, hanging lights, or lanterns can provide a custom look with endless possibilities.

Carports are a type of patio awning that is built to cover cars, boats, and RVs. They can give protection from the sun, rain, and snow. You get more ventilation compared to a garage, and they are more affordable to install. You can attach a carport to a wall or choose one that can stand alone.

Lower Energy Costs

A patio awning can reduce air conditioning bills by 25% based on the report of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.

Buying an awning in Utah is an excellent investment; your home gets cooler as an awning deflects heat from the rays of the sun. 

Energy savings are lowered further now that you spend less time indoors and more time in your patio. Lights and airconditioning use are now minimal compared to before.

Utah summers can be scorching, a properly installed patio awning can reduce the amount of heat in your home or business by 77%.

If you live in a typical Northern Utah building, energy loss is highest because of glass doors and windows. Awnings can lower heat gain by 55% to 77%, depending on where your window is facing.

Increase Home Value

No need to go through expensive and lengthy renovations any longer. 

Installing a custom patio awning is a great way to enhance the look of your home. If you have plans of selling your property in the future, a patio cover adds value to your home.

Prospective buyers would appreciate the heat reduction provided by your patio awning as they enjoy your outdoor area for bbq or any other event. They can host parties or give the children camping time without worrying about the rain.

You can take it to the next level by adding an outdoor home theater on your patio. 

Make the most out of your outdoor space while matching the look and feel of your home.

More Space to Enjoy Nature

Every homeowner wants to increase the space in their home. Patio awnings allow you to have more space for work or play. You can now enjoy sleeping in your backyard during cold summer nights.

By extending your living space outdoors, you get a shaded and comfortable area that you and your family can enjoy.

A great way to bond with family and enjoy a piece of nature while in the comfort of your own home.

Easy Removal and Storage

You can choose a fixed structure or a retractable patio awning for convenience and storage efficiency.

Retractable patio awnings allow any outdoor residential or business space to be enjoyed the whole year-round. They can be used during the summer months and stored away when they are not needed. 

An awning is an ideal way to protect your patio from the rain or the sun when you need it.

Storage is easy as you protect your awning from the harsh Utah winter.

Automatic awnings give more comfort by allowing home and business owners to retract their own by just touching a button. Manual awnings are also available if you don’t have an electric outlet nearby. A hand crank can easily open and close your patio awning manually.

Protect Home Furniture

A patio awning can reduce the heat damage on your carpeting, upholstery, and drapes by filtering the harmful rays of the sun.

You also get added protection from water damage to your decks, balcony, and patio surfaces.

Go ahead and look for a top patio awning supplier today.

Expert Installers of Patio Awnings in Northern Utah

Utah residents enjoy the fantastic sunshine and outdoor activities that accompany the spring and summer days.

When the temperature in your backyard starts to soar to unbearable heights, you need a patio awning supplier that can give you the best patio awnings available today.

Patio awnings are structures designed to give shade over your patio. The majority of patio awnings are connected to your home, or they can be stand-alone structures as well.

Awnings are an excellent addition to your space. They will look cool and stay cool.

The search for expert installers of high-quality awnings are over. Cool Covers are your reliable and trusted patio awning installer and supplier in Utah.

We have experienced and well-trained awning technicians that can cater to all your needs.

Our excellent awning products also come with warranties and have replacement parts available.

We are your top installer and supplier in Northern Utah up to the Wasatch Front. 

“Look Cool, Stay Cool with Cool Covers.”

Give us a call for the best products and installation services in your area.

Utah summers are dry and hot; more and more people are looking for ways to limit sun exposure due to the harmful rays of the sun.

Studies have shown that 90% of skin cancers are due to exposure to UV light from the sun. You can add sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin damage to the list of harmful effects of sun exposure.

The good news is Utah homeowners have discovered an affordable yet elegant solution to protect their homes and offices from sun exposure.

Custom awnings from Cool Covers can help protect your chosen space inside and out.

Your outdoor furniture and floors will last longer as they are shielded from the powerful rays of the sun.

Windows are also kept clean as the awning reduces the collection of rain and dirt. 

You can also enjoy energy savings of up to 20% during the warm summer months.

Difference between Awning and Canopy

People still think that awnings and canopies are the same? 

If you use these terms interchangeably, think again. You might be surprised to discover that they are different.

The big difference between the two is how they are used.


An awning is connected to a house or commercial space and usually shades a window, door or patio from the sun, rain, snow, and wind. Canopies are larger compared to awnings.

Window awnings keep light from entering your indoor space. They help lower temperatures during hot days and protect your furniture from the sun.

Awnings can be securely fixed to a structure with heavier frames and fabrics. You can retract them against your home or building.

Awnings are more durable than canopies with lots of colors and patterns to choose from. You can choose between a manually operated unit or motorized awnings. 

Unlike canopies, you don’t need to disassemble awnings if you don’t need them.

Awnings can add character to your home and complement your overall theme and design.

For year-round energy savings and comfort, an awning is a wise choice versus a canopy.

Backyard Awnings to Enhance Your Space 

Your family would love to spend more time in your backyard if the sun doesn’t scorch them or have bugs chase them around.

Adding an awning to your deck, patio, or pool will not only improve the look of your backyard but give your family hours of enjoyment all day long.

Backyard spaces become usable in all kinds of weather.

If you love hosting BBQs during the summer, your guests will be protected from the heat and harmful UV rays.

You can now enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon without getting drenched.

There are many options available today, fabrics can now protect against UV rays, heat, glare, brightness.

You also have the choice of waterproof awnings and materials that can withstand heavy winds and snow. Manual or motorized? It’s your choice.

Give your backyard added protection from the hot summer sun or a passing rainstorm.

A backyard awning system can give you a shady environment in what used to be a sweltering yard.

Your outdoor furniture will thank you because they are now protected from fading and weathering due to exposure to the elements.

Protection is also given to hardwood floors, carpets, interior furniture, and paintings.

Heating and cooling costs will be reduced as your awning provides shade inside and out.

Awnings for Business Spaces

Business owners of restaurants and cafes can now add al-fresco dining in their establishments.

Awnings will allow their customers the enjoyment of dining outdoors, no matter what the weather.

Your outdoor furniture is also protected from the elements making them last longer and look new.

Unlike blinds, having awnings installed allows indoor customers to enjoy the view.

Types of Awnings

The type of awning you choose is essential, depending on how you are going to use them. Roll-up and retractable awnings give you control over how much light can enter your space. This type is ideal for decks and patios because you can adjust them when not in use. Motorized awnings make retracting as easy as one, two, and three. The latest models even have sun and wind sensors so you can enjoy hands-free operations.

Take note that retractable awnings are not built to withstand heavy rains, wind, and snow. During bad weather, retract your awning to avoid damage.

Freestanding awnings are great for segregating a space like having a special area for BBQ.

Businesses can benefit from freestanding awnings as they can be used for advertising.

The size of your awning should match the purpose and size of the space. Small awnings are lovely decorative pieces, while large awnings give greater coverage to your outdoor space.

Color Choices

Color choice should complement the look of your home or business. Lighter colors are preferred as they block and reflect sunlight and heat better than darker shades.

Creating a flow between your indoor and outdoor space is essential. 

Pick a color that matches both the inside and outside of your home.


This aspect is often overlooked by many clients. If your window is facing east or west, the size of the drop is ideally at 65% to 75% for the best results.

For south-facing windows, the drop can be between 45% to 60% because less coverage is needed because of the angle of the sun.

Some owners want to add side panels, which can add more coverage and enhance the look of the awnings.

Look Cool Stay Cool with Cool Covers

Awnings can be an excellent addition to your space. They will look cool and stay cool.

If you are looking for expert installers of high-quality awnings, Cool Covers can fit the bill.

We have experienced and well-trained technicians that can cater to your needs

Our products also come with warranties and have replacement parts available.

We are your best bet in Northern Utah up to the Wasatch Front. 

Give us a call for the best products and installation services in your area.

Utah weather during the summer season can become unbearable for many. Try to look around your area and you may notice that a retractable canopy is now a popular addition to many homes and establishments.

It’s nice to know that people are now educated on how these canopies can provide so many benefits and are worth the money that they have shelled out for purchasing them.

Benefits of a Retractable Canopy

UV Protection

People enjoy spending time in a patio or backyard but once the sun comes in full force, everyone will be forced to go indoors.

This is when upgrading your backyard with a retractable canopy becomes a good idea.

An obvious benefit of canopies is that they protect your family from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Since they are retractable, you can choose to open the canopies during extremely high UV days and retract them during cooler days of the year. Sunlight is still good for us but in measured amounts.

For restaurants and coffee shops, customers can enjoy being shaded even during noontime breaks.


Want to have some privacy? Open your canopy and you can shield your home or business location from prying eyes.

You can also control the amount of light and shade you desire since the canopy can be retracted.

If you install a stationary canopy, you are limited in controlling what you can view outside. Versatility is a great feature that retractable canopies can give you.

Aesthetic Value

Retractable canopies are an effective way to spruce up the design of your home or commercial space. They come in various colors and designs that will surely complement the theme of your property.

You can pick a color that would either complement or contrast your properties color and design, the possibilities are endless.

Durable Construction

Canopies are made of fabrics that are long-lasting and can resist water. These hard-working fabrics are sewn with UV threads that can give years of protection for you and your family.

If you want added protection from harsh elements, you can choose a protective aluminum hood to guard your canopy.

Energy Savings

With the rising costs of utilities nowadays, home and business owners are always on the lookout for ways to save on money.

Retractable canopies cool your property as they deflect heat during the warm summer months. Since the heat index on your space has been lowered, you now need less energy to cool the home.

You have an on-hand heat controller in your hands which will surely help in lowering your energy costs.

Adds Value to Property

Homes with more usable space usually gets a bigger value when they are listed in the market. Buyers want extra space and retractable canopies can extend the space in your backyard. When buyers see that your living room can be extended into your patio, you have the upper hand to close the deal compared to other properties without canopies.

Extends the Lifespan of Outdoor Furniture

You spend a lot when you buy outdoor furniture but their exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can limit their lifespan.

Canopies will help save money on your outdoor furniture expenses because the sun and rain are no longer a threat to them.

Difference Between Canopy and Awning

You might think that a canopy and an awning are one and the same? 

If you are one of those who use these terms interchangeably, think again. It’s surprising to know that they are totally different.

The main difference between the two is how they are used. We share more of their differences below.


An awning is connected to a home or building and usually shades a window, door or patio from the sun and rain. They are smaller in size compared to canopies.

Window awnings keep light and shadows from entering your space. They keep temperatures low and protect your furniture from the sun

They are not portable and are securely fixed to a structure with heavier frames and fabrics. You can retract them against your home or building.

More durable than canopies with lots of colors and patterns to choose from. You have the option of manual operation or motorized units. Compared to canopies, you don’t need to disassemble awnings when not in use.

Awnings can add style to your home and complement your overall architecture and design.

For year-round energy savings and comfort, an awning is a better choice than a canopy.


A canopy is a freestanding structure that provides shade to an outdoor area. They are portable and are easily disassembled so you can move them from place to place.

A more versatile choice that you can bring along when you go to the beach or sports field.

They can be a pergola or gazebo type structure that protects your outdoor furniture.

Canopies can be very large and can cover a space for outdoor weddings and BBQs. They can be motorized or operated manually just like awnings.

Lightweight to make them easier to transport, but less durable than awnings. When in storage, canopies should be kept in a dry place away from rodents.

They also have to be disassembled when not in use. You only get a limited choice of colors and patterns.

If ease of use and portability is number one on your list, a canopy is better for you than an awning. 

Read more: Shield Yourself from the Sun and Rain with Deck Awnings

Look Cool Stay Cool with Cool Covers

Now that you know the difference between a canopy and awning, you can now make an informed choice for your home or business. 

Know the purpose and the budget you have so you can make the right choice.

Before you buy your retractable canopy or awning, you should choose an installer that has experience and well-trained technicians.

Cool Covers is your best bet in Northern Utah up to the Wasatch Front. Give them a call for the best products and installation services in your area.

Coming home from a beautiful and sunny part of the country? Missing all the fun being in a shaded balcony? Well, you can still have Deck Awnings in Ogden, UT to be able to get that Palm Springs effect that you want. Deck awnings are made to help you stay away from the sun or the rain by being permanently attached to the building’s structure. Do your research to make sure that you have chosen the right kind of awning you desire as well as the kind of fabric you need.

A Variety of Ogden, UT Deck Awnings

Retractable Awning

This awning is able to expand, to be able to protect you from the sun and rain, or withdraw if you want to play under the different weathers. Both manual and motor operations are available. When it is operated through the motor, there is a remote control, button or sensor. 

Those with sensor awnings can detect the sun and the rain and will be able to expand, and when it detects that it is a windy day, it will withdraw. The sensory-operated awning may seem ideal but it is also costly. 

Looking at the specs and its ability to retract and expand, this awning outlasts the other types. 

However, both manual and motor operational retractable awnings have their cons: they will be difficult to use as time passes and will need to be replaced regularly. And although cleaning is an integral part of all awnings, this one must be cleaned thoroughly, remove all the moss and rust for it to function well.

Fixed Awning/Wall-Mounted Awning

A fixed awning is permanently expanded. It allows shelter 24/7 no matter what the weather may be. Some, not all, have extra support poles for better durability. 


There are three types of portable awnings: the Umbrella, the Canopy, and the Freestanding Awning.

Although these awnings allow you to bring it around to different areas of your home, they cannot provide as much shelter as the fixed awning.

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Choose Your Deck Awnings

Much like there are different types of awnings, they are also made with different types of materials. Some of these fabrics include vinyl, solution-dyed, coated polyester composite, and laminated fabric. Choose one that is best suited for the type of environment that you live in.

Like most things, there are also models that have bells and whistles attached to it. There are even models that include MP3 speakers on them.

Queries Before Installing Deck Awnings

  • What are the dimensions (roof to floor) of your home?
  • Pertaining to the area you want to protect, what is its size?
  • For the exterior of your home, what is it made of?
  • Where is the deck area facing?
  • Are there any obstacles blocking the spot you would like to install the awning in?
  • Again, with regard to the fabric, what would be best for you to use?

Superb Suppliers of Deck Awnings Ogden, UT

So you have a beautiful patio with great furnishing, but the sun and the rain always make it hard to stay in, not to mention your furniture not lasting as it should. Get a deck awning and relax under the shade whenever you prefer without having to worry about the heat nor the downpour.

Cool Covers manufactures the best Deck Awnings in Ogden, UT. We offer you a variety of selections and up-to-date products that help improve your home. We want to make sure that the vision you have for your Deck Awning is fulfilled and we are here to help you achieve that.

Just give us a ring at (801) 866-4198 and we will get to you immediately!

Looking for a place in your home to do small talks? How about a relaxing place for morning coffee? And imbibing good vibes after a long and tiring day? Well, a patio is one of the best parts of your home to stay at. Feel the comfort of your home, feel safe, and just have a nice and sweet moment.

So today, we are going to talk about about how you could add a value on your home and the place where you could feel the serene of your surroundings. So here are the top 5 great deals patio covers that will surely add value to your home. 

Top 5 Great Deals Patio Covers

  1. Pergola. A pergola is basically an outdoor shelter or structure with columns or posts and an open roof. It adds sophistication to your backyard. It beautifies your overall ambiance. It brings a calm and peaceful look on your backyard garden.
    Pergola is suitable for outdoor talks. Moreover, Pergola is more beautiful when you add a retractable canopy which serves as a ceiling that covers you under. 
  2. Lattice-Style Patio. If you’re like a person who wants some sunlight, then lattice is made perfect for you. Lattice, instead of blocking, allows sunlight and rain to pass through. It is like you do sunbathe. What a wonderful moment that you don’t need to leave your home and have that moment! 
  3. Vinyl. Vinyl is a type of patio cover that lasts for many years. It is completely rustproof and waterproof, thus, you don’t have to worry that it will be rotten like a wood. However, a certain disadvantage of vinyl is its lackluster look, but some of the designs look more sophisticated. Just like on some other deals, vinyl covers are also great coverings to shade your place while imbibing serene atmosphere.
  4. Wood. Wood covers are very sophisticated in looks. Some of the woods last for so many years due to its environmental composition.Wood Awnings ensure a sturdy covering, therefore, no worry resting under it. Just like on some other deals, retractable canopy or side curtains would add great value to wood awnings. 
  5. Smart Awnings/Retractable Awnings. What a nice patio with smart awnings. Smart Awnings or known to have retractable awnings is one of the greatest deals in covering your patio. 

Read More: Retractable Awnings: 3 Great and Best Ideas of Patio

So there! Those are great deals of Patio Coverings. Never just construct a patio without any design. Patio is supposedly a great place for your little talks, catch-ups, or even informal meetings– but don’t forget that the highlight of these themes also include the covers which will cover the entire place while doing your activities

Patio Covers: Great Ceiling

Patio Covers is one of the best features in patio designing, it gives greater value to the totality of the patio. You may choose from any variants or makes of patio structures– either wood, aluminum, vinyl, or plastic.

If you have some plans to redesign or remodel your patio, don’t forget to install a patio cover. To avoid ruining your daytime or nighttime talks, chitchat, and other little and fun bonding activities

Cool Covers: The Patio Cover Provider in Utah

Cool Covers is the Best Patio Cover Provider Firm based in Utah. Cool Covers offers different styles of patio coverings that will suit your design of patio– be it a modern or classic design. 

To see Cool Covers’s reviews and ratings, you may check them out at Google, Cool Covers Facebook, and Yelp. These trusted websites only proves who is the Best Firm who does Remodeling. 

For more information about Cool Covers Patio Covers, you may call at (801) 866-4198.

A Patio is one of the best places in a house. It is where we usually drink our morning hot coffee and where we also breathe fresh air. But taking into consideration the sunlight, without any overhead patio coverings, it ruins our morning routines and relaxation. Therefore, an awning is a must! An awning is an extended overhead covering attached to the exterior wall of a house or a building. But not just a simple awnings, it is nicer to have a retractable awnings which can be retracted anytime you want.

In this blog, we will talk about the 3 different themes you can do in your patio which will suit different designs of awnings or patio covers:

3 Great Ideas of Patio with Retractable Awnings

  1. Cozy Banquet-Style Patio. A Patio could be somewhat formal, right? Imagine the round dining table, beautiful spot of eating place or sectional seats, dim spotlights, with soft couch on sides; mixed with flowers, pots, and other greenery beautifications on sides– such banquet theme of a patio is no less than a perfect place that will give you great comfortability. This theme is great for night talks and bonding with family and/or friends. This patio could be coupled and covered by a wood-colored retractable awning. Never spoil ‘lil chitchats with the worry of getting wet once it rains or while sunlight is high.
  2. Geometric Floor Outdoor Living Space. Flooring is one of the special elements in the patio. It gives the overall vibrant and comfortable look. It is something cozier when the flooring is tiled with geometric stencil designs, plus a lot of green plants or thick bushes hanging on the ceiling or placed on along the edge of tiles, it gives greater value to the totality of the patio. This theme is great during holiday bonding, summer bonding, over the weekend catch ups, or lunchtime.
    This patio, when covered by a metal-colored retractable awning could be totally amazing. Just like in Cozy Banquet-Style Patio, never spoil ‘lil chitchats with the worry of getting wet once it rains or while sunlight during lunchtime is high.
  3. Relaxed Tropical Queensland Hamptons Style Patio. Spending catch up and bonding in this theme of patio is really worth it. Coffee talks in with this theme of patio is just ‘so perfect!’ Usually this type of patio is suitable in front of your house’s swimming pool (what a cool idea!), with just an accent of little flowers, earth colors, and some light colors of furnitures– it is just (again) ‘so perfect!’ This type of patio is great for catch up, bonding, and night time talks, or destressing moments.
    Just like the previous themes, this patio is great to have an awning which will cover the entire place during daytime.

So there! Those are the top and best picks in Patio Design. Never just construct a patio without any design. Patio is supposedly a great place for your little talks, catch ups, or even informal meetings– but don’t forget that the highlight of these themes also include the awning which will cover the entire place while doing your activities

Retractable Awnings: Great Retractable Ceiling

Awning is one of the best features in patio designing, it gives greater value to the totality of the patio. One that is retractable is the best since it can be retracted once you feel that you need to be exposed or get some sunlight. 

Remodeling your patio with awning is recommended so you will never ruin your next talks again once it rains or during the daytime when sunlight is high. But upgrading your simple awning to a retractable one is much more awesome since you have the option to use it or retract it anytime you want and depending on the weather as well. 

Cool Covers: The Retractable Awnings Provider

Cool Covers is the Best Awning Provider Firm based in Utah. Cool Covers offers different styles of awnings that will suit your design of patio– be it a modern or classic design. 

To see Cool Covers’s reviews and ratings, you may check them out at Google.com, Cool Covers Facebook, and Yelp.These trusted website only proves who is the Best Firm who does Remodeling. 

For more information about Cool Covers Retractable Awnings and Patio Covers, you may call at (844) 215-0547.

Are you looking for a way to take your backyard from drab to fab? Then a pergola is just what you need. A pergola is basically an outdoor shelter or structure with columns or posts and an open roof.  It adds a focal point, beauty and character to your property. It brings the WOW factor to your backyard.

When it comes to pergolas there are a variety of color options available. The material looks like natural wood but won’t chip, peel, split or warp. Attach it to your house or have it be free-standing in your yard and most importantly, make it yours.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your pergola:

Grow vines and climbing plants around the beams and roof.

Highlight a section of garden or walkway.

Make it a relaxed seating area or summer reading spot.

Add ambiance with cafe lights.

Add a gas fire pit and some chairs and make it your smores destination.

Improving outdoor living space is currently one of the hottest trends in home improvement. To learn more about pergolas visit Cool Covers online at www.coolcovers07.com, e-mail scott@patiocoversutah.com, or call (801) 396-2419.

Cool Covers will be at the Layton Home Show on March 30th and 31st at the Davis Conference Center.

Summer is just around the corner and with that comes nights of grilling on the bbq, eating on the deck or patio and spending more time outside enjoying the dog days of summer. But what happens when it’s too hot out or a summer rainstorm comes passing by? With a patio cover or pergola from Cool Covers you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of weather.

So come visit us at the Layton Home Show to check out some of our products and talk to us about how we can help you turn your outdoor space into a living space for you to enjoy year round. We have options for every budget and backyard.

Admission is free!

Layton Home Show

Friday, March 30 – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday, March 31 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Layton Conference Center

1651 N. 700 W., Layton

We hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer, vacations, and holidays!

As the summer winds down and parents get ready to send their kids back to school, we’d like to share just a little bit of feedback we’ve had about our patio covers and the difference they’ve made in people’s lives.

Customers come in all the time just to remind us how much they love their patio covers! Especially this time of year, when folks have had a chance to enjoy new patio covers installed during the summer, we hear a lot from happy customers.

For example, here are comments letter we received a few weeks ago:

Job Well Done!

“Last month, Brian and Jayce installed a gorgeous patio cover over our deck on the south side of the house. It’s something I’ve wanted for 15 years, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.”

“From start to finish, your company is very professional and delivered as promised. The installation was very professional, and we really liked getting to know Brian and Jayce. They were personable and fun to be around. They went above and beyond in every way.”

-Scott & Melanie

Here are some more comments we’ve received recently:

“Excellent service, job well done & a very nice guy!”

“They did a great job, and they were very patient with me and all my questions. I am very happy with it.”

Not only are people happy with our service, they often tell us around this time of year that the patio covers they had installed earlier in the summer have meant a real improvement to their lives.

Often, they tell us they wish they’d had a patio cover installed sooner because of how much they’ve enjoyed having a covered outdoor space as an extension of their homes.

Whether you’re currently enjoying a patio cover or you’re looking them up for the first time, we at Cool Covers would like to wish you a happy and healthy start to the school year

You may have missed out on getting a new patio cover installed in time for July 4, but if you’re planning for your July 24 celebrations, it’s not too late!

At Cool Covers, we’re still taking calls for July installations at (801) 396-2419.

People who get new patio covers installed in the summertime often tell us that they’ve changed the whole comfort level and atmosphere of their Independence Day and Pioneer Day gatherings with family and friends.

One reason they love our steel patio covers is that it’s safe and convenient to barbecue underneath them – whether the weather you’re contending with this July is sun, rain, or snow.

(Lately it seems like you never can tell with the weather in Utah!)

If it’s sunny and hot outside, a patio cover offers shade while still allowing smoke to escape up into the air, providing a cooking space that’s much more comfortable for you.

It also makes it easier for your guests to relax and enjoy your company while you’re preparing the meal – and for you to sit down and talk with them in a nice, inviting environment while keeping an eye on the grill.

If it’s raining or snowing, a patio cover will enable you to keep the grill going anyway – meaning even if the fireworks and the rodeo get snowed out, you’ll still be able to feed your guests well while the kids re-enact crossing the prairie in adverse weather conditions, as many early pioneers did.

To find out more about the joys of owning a patio cover, you can check out Cool Covers online at www.coolcovers07.com, e-mail scott@patiocoversutah.com, or call us at (801) 396-2419.

Also, please note: If you’re a qualified patio cover installer, we can always use a little extra help this time of year, so give us a shout!