Shield Yourself from the Sun and Rain with Deck Awnings

Coming home from a beautiful and sunny part of the country? Missing all the fun being in a shaded balcony? Well, you can still have Deck Awnings in Ogden, UT to be able to get that Palm Springs effect that you want. Deck awnings are made to help you stay away from the sun or the rain by being permanently attached to the building’s structure. Do your research to make sure that you have chosen the right kind of awning you desire as well as the kind of fabric you need.

A Variety of Ogden, UT Deck Awnings

Retractable Awning

This awning is able to expand, to be able to protect you from the sun and rain, or withdraw if you want to play under the different weathers. Both manual and motor operations are available. When it is operated through the motor, there is a remote control, button or sensor. 

Those with sensor awnings can detect the sun and the rain and will be able to expand, and when it detects that it is a windy day, it will withdraw. The sensory-operated awning may seem ideal but it is also costly. 

Looking at the specs and its ability to retract and expand, this awning outlasts the other types. 

However, both manual and motor operational retractable awnings have their cons: they will be difficult to use as time passes and will need to be replaced regularly. And although cleaning is an integral part of all awnings, this one must be cleaned thoroughly, remove all the moss and rust for it to function well.

Fixed Awning/Wall-Mounted Awning

A fixed awning is permanently expanded. It allows shelter 24/7 no matter what the weather may be. Some, not all, have extra support poles for better durability. 


There are three types of portable awnings: the Umbrella, the Canopy, and the Freestanding Awning.

Although these awnings allow you to bring it around to different areas of your home, they cannot provide as much shelter as the fixed awning.

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Choose Your Deck Awnings

Much like there are different types of awnings, they are also made with different types of materials. Some of these fabrics include vinyl, solution-dyed, coated polyester composite, and laminated fabric. Choose one that is best suited for the type of environment that you live in.

Like most things, there are also models that have bells and whistles attached to it. There are even models that include MP3 speakers on them.

Queries Before Installing Deck Awnings

  • What are the dimensions (roof to floor) of your home?
  • Pertaining to the area you want to protect, what is its size?
  • For the exterior of your home, what is it made of?
  • Where is the deck area facing?
  • Are there any obstacles blocking the spot you would like to install the awning in?
  • Again, with regard to the fabric, what would be best for you to use?

Superb Suppliers of Deck Awnings Ogden, UT

So you have a beautiful patio with great furnishing, but the sun and the rain always make it hard to stay in, not to mention your furniture not lasting as it should. Get a deck awning and relax under the shade whenever you prefer without having to worry about the heat nor the downpour.

Cool Covers manufactures the best Deck Awnings in Ogden, UT. We offer you a variety of selections and up-to-date products that help improve your home. We want to make sure that the vision you have for your Deck Awning is fulfilled and we are here to help you achieve that.

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